31 August & 1 September, 10.00-17.00.
The Mezzotint process crosses the line between images derived from photographs and the
craft of making ink on paper images that can appear as if they were photographs, it is an
intaglio form of printing where a metal plate is covered in tiny holes, we will be using plates that
are pre-prepared, where, if the plate is inked with black ink, the whole image area will appear black.
The image is made to appear by burnishing the surface of the plate so that ink will not take on
the smoothed out areas. See the example below. Paper is then soaked and blotted so that it
can be forced into the hollows on the plate, under high pressure on an etching press.
This prevents the paper from rupturing, as it would when dry, allowing it to take on the
impression of the image from the plate.
The workshop will be about the process as a whole, historically, in contemporary terms and
where it may go as a future medium in a postmodern age?
Cost £250
Brian Whitehead