Professional Services - Hands-On Printing


Prints can be made to order using any of the following processes:

Bromoil & Bromoil Transfer
Cyanotype & Cyanotype Rex
Chrysotype & Chrysotype Rex
Gum Bichromate
Platinum & Palladium
Salt Prints

We have over thirty years experience of making photographs on hand-coated 100% cotton rag art papers, as ink on paper or even on fired and glazed ceramics.
We will work together with photographers to produce modern photographs using these processes.
We will work with museums and galleries to reproduce old and historic photographs.
As each of these processes can involve not only different amounts of preparatory work but also different levels of expertise and judgement during the process itself, it is unwise to give fixed prices. In fact, we will only undertake work after careful discussion with the client as to what is required and what can be achieved within a budget.
Factors that need to be taken into account will include whether:

  • Traditional or computer means will be employed to produce contact negatives
  • The original will need to be rephotographed for reproduction
  • How many processes will be required in making the print
  • How often the print will need to be recoated
  • The size of print that is required (up to A0 for some processes)
  • The nature of sizing which could be in albumen, arrowroot, collodion or gelatine
  • Other factors such as the cost of precious metals.

Here are examples of some of the processes in addition to those already available on the portfolio pages, please contact us with details of the work for an estimate.

Hands-On Pictures
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Salt & Toned Salt

Albumen & Toned Albumen

Chrysotype Rex

Platinum and Palladium

Cyanotype Rex

Split Toned Cyanotype

 Platinum over Gum

Gum Prints in acrylic colour

Gum Print in watercolour

Gum Print in watercolour




Published examples of my work.

Professional Alternative Printing & Photography

This page contains examples of alternative photography used in magazines, company reports and advertising.
The originals are often to be found on board room walls.

An important point to be made here is that these prints are not intended to be straight archival reproductions of the original photograph. They are archival but the choice is there to use non-archival materials if that suits the purposes of reproduction. The photographs are either taken, processed and printed by Terry King and his team or printed in conjunction with the photographer or designer to produce the unique qualities that Terry King brings to the art of alternative photography. The results have a quality beyond the capabilities of the computer.

The first two watercolour photographs or gum prints were made for the Orient Express family of trains and travel experiences.

The prints were to look naturalistic but be in crimson and gold for the Irrawaddy cruises:

…and green and gold for the Eastern Orient Express
which runs between Singapore and Bangkok

These two Gum Prints were two pages of a calendar for Robert Dowling:

An alligator hunt

The chicken chase

These Gum Prints were for PSION:

A ‘romantic’ picture of a modem

Sleight of Palm

The next picture is a platinum print of an office development:

And the next a rather large cyanotype:

The original of this cyanotype is 3 m x 2 m.
The photograph and the majority of the effort are by Graham Ford from whom copies may be purchased